About us

German School of Kosova is a new school in Kosova, being a Kosovan school in close partnership with schools in Germany and America. The successful 30-year experience of The Cambridge School in the field of education in Kosova, combined with the 30-year experience of the German partner, as well as the successful experience of Cambridge Kids, naturally culminates in the opening of German School of Kosova.

Our Vission

Our school's vision is: "Developing the full potential of each student ready to be responsible and competent global citizens."

Our Mission

Our mission at German School of Kosova is to provide a safe, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment, where students can excel academically, socially, and emotionally. We are committed to promoting a positive school culture that values diversity, promotes mutual respect, and empowers students to achieve their full potential.

German School of Kosova is based on the following values that guide the work of the school:

 will be the guiding star of the entire work in the school, in order to ultimately have each student appreciate sincerity and be guided by their own values ​​in life.

will reign in all interactions and communication within the school. Each student will be respected and taught to have respect for others, different opinions, and all differences among themselves.

despite our similarities, we all have our differences. Diversity is respected in our school and accepted as a value that will enrich the entire experience in school.

being one of the most sought-after skills in the 21st century, it will be encouraged and developed in each student of our school. Planning of different lessons and activities will offer countless opportunities for the development of creativity.

every teacher will develop professionally to encourage critical thinking, while mutual communication will enable each person to express their thoughts.

accepting each student for who they are helps us increase their self-confidence through team and individual activities, which will ultimately increase the success of each student in our school.

Extracurricular activities and various clubs will provide opportunities to promote empathy, which enables students to see the world from the perspective of others and develop kindness and compassion for others. It will also help build relationships, improve communication, and resolve conflicts.

is the standard of our school. Everything in our school is guided by the highest standards in the field of education.

About Us

German School of Kosova is a private school of primary and lower secondary level. GSK offers quality and innovative education with German and American partners.



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