German School of Kosova is characterized by trilingualism in teaching. From the first grade, Albanian, German, and English will be taught. Regular lessons will be held in Albanian, but German and English will be taught from the first grade. In order for this teaching to be of a high standard, extracurricular activities will provide opportunities for the learned concepts to be practiced and reinforced in German and English. At the end of their schooling, students will have a high level of language proficiency in all three languages.

Competent teachers

Professional development is one of the strong points of our school. Teachers will be supported and continuously developed to be in line with the school's vision and mission. They will be constantly monitored and mentored to ensure the highest standards in education are met.

Extracurricular activities and clubs

In addition to regular classes, our school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities and clubs that play a crucial role in the holistic development of our students. These activities are carefully curated to cater to the varied interests and talents of our student body, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to explore and excel in their areas of passion. From sports and arts to academics and community service, our extracurricular offerings provide a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Information technology

we learn to keep up with the times from the first grade.


we develop leadership skills, argumentation, and problem solving.

Discipline and behavior

we cultivate different values for a better society.


we practice critical and strategic thinking skills.


we practice problem-solving, programming, mathematics, and science.


we develop the body alongside the mind for the well-being of our children.


our goal is to inspire a desire for reading, analysis, and argumentation.

Media education

a necessity for children's safety.

3D printing

we develop creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration

About Us

German School of Kosova is a private school of primary and lower secondary level. GSK offers quality and innovative education with German and American partners.



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