WEiSE® Concept

We at the German School of Kosova embrace the innovative German concept of WEiSE® – Values-Oriented Education in Customized School Environments with Parental Engagement (Werteorientierte Erziehung in individualisierten Schul-Einheiten mit Eltern).


At GSK, we believe in providing a customized and values-oriented education that fosters individualized learning and actively involves parents. While knowledge acquisition remains vital in the age of information technology, we go beyond imparting facts and figures. We strive to cultivate wisdom – the knowledge, attitudes, values, and life skills that empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives.


Our WEiSE® concept is designed to transmit this holistic know-how to our students. It encompasses a dynamic blend of attitudes, motives, values, knowledge, methods, and life plans – all contextual and person-dependent. We don’t leave this wisdom, which has allowed us to live well as teachers, as a people, and as a culture, hidden from the children entrusted to us. Instead, we pass it on systematically, with collaborative planning, data-based insights, and an openness to continual refinement.


Moreover, we understand that education is a collaborative effort involving teachers, students, and parents. We actively engage parents in their child’s educational journey, recognizing their crucial role in shaping their child’s development. Through transparent communication, meaningful partnerships, and shared decision-making, we foster a supportive and inclusive educational environment.


With our WEiSE® concept, we strive to provide an education that goes beyond mere knowledge transfer. We aim to equip our students with the wisdom and tools necessary to navigate life’s complexities, make informed choices, and contribute positively to society. Join us at GSK as we embrace the transformative power of the WEiSE® concept and prepare your child for a future enriched with values, wisdom, and success.

About Us

German School of Kosova is a private school of primary and lower secondary level. GSK offers quality and innovative education with German and American partners.



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